Window Strikes

Bohemian WaxwingThe most important thing to do for a bird which has flown into a window is to protect it from predators (namely cats and dogs) by collecting it and placing it in a cardboard box that has a lid and ventilation holes. Keep it warm to conserve energy and keep it in a dark, quiet place so its brain is not trying to process excess stimulation.

Usually, after an hour in a box the bird will recover and begin to move around, at this point it is likely ready to be released. If, after a few hours, the bird does not appear to be alert or if any swelling of the head or bleeding of the mouth is evident, we ask that you please call our wildlife hotline at (780) 914-4118

* Please do not attempt to give the bird food or water initially; if it is suffering from head trauma its swallowing reflexes may not be functioning normally and it could choke on whatever you try to give it.

** In the spring, male robins are notorious for flying repeatedly into windows. They see their own reflection and interpret that as a rival male bird in their territory. They attack in the attempt to make it go away and often people view this as the bird attempting to get into the house. Usually, this behavior only lasts for a couple of weeks in the spring.

You can prevent birds from hitting windows by:

  • Closing curtains/blinds on problem windows
  • Hanging sun-catchers or window decorations to break up the reflection of the window.
  • Hanging survey tape or streamers to the outside of the window. These move easily in the wind to break up reflections.
  • Using a hawk outline that a WRSE volunteer has made, which can be found here.
  • Window Alert stickers can be purchased at our Wildlife Hospital (Hours and location here)
  • If the above methods are unsuccessful, you may resort to attaching fine screening to the outside of the window for the birds to ‘bounce’ off of.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call our wildlife hotline at (780) 914-4118.

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