Wildlife Questions

If you have found injured, orphaned, or oiled wildlife
please call our hotline at (780) 914-4118

Q. A bird just hit my window, what should I do? – Learn more here.

Q. How can I prevent window strikes?
A. You can make reflection breakers to put in your windows to help prevent birds from flying into them. This can be as easy as cutting shapes out of construction paper and attaching them to the inside of the window. You can get creative and use ribbon or other materials to break up the reflection on your windows. A WRSE volunteer has made a Hawk outline for you to use, which can be found here.

Q. My pet brought home a bird, what should I do? – Learn more here.

cats and birds 2







Q. I have an animal in my building or chimney, what should I do? – Learn more here.

Q. How do I properly capture and transport an animal to your shelter? – Learn more here.

Q. What types of wildlife can be brought to WRSE’s shelter?
A. WRSE is permitted to treat all species of birds and most small mammals. We are unable to accept the following species but we are able to answer questions regarding them:

  • Adult Skunks (we are able to accept baby skunks)
  • Pigeons
  • Larger mammals such as: adult deer, adult moose etc. If you find a larger mammal injured please contact Fish and Wildlife at: (780) 427-3574

Q. What happens to injured wildlife once they are dropped off at WRSE’ shelter? – Learn more here.

Q. What happens to oiled wildlife?
A. Never attempt to wash wildlife yourself! WRSE has trained professionals that follow very specific procedures. If you find oiled wildlife please call our hotline at (780) 914-4118 immediately. Learn more about the process of washing oiled wildlife at Wabamum.

Male Mallards

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