intern 1Volunteers of the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton (WRSE) are a vital part of the team.  We invest in our volunteers and appreciate the time, energy and enthusiasm volunteers bring to our programs.

Staff and volunteers create a partnership that contributes to the well-being of our wildlife patients and as such, are held to a high level of trust and accountability.  Volunteers are screened and expected to adhere to the policies and guidelines that have been created by our Board of Directors.


Junior Wildlife Ambassador Program:

This is an outreach education initiative program whereby volunteers accompany the Education Coordinator to Edmonton and area elementary schools and give a PowerPoint presentation to educate students on the importance of wildlife in our community. The Junior Wildlife Ambassador Program empowers students to do their part by creating a clean safe environment for wildlife. Students are excited to learn how to interact with wildlife and ecstatic to become Junior Wildlife Ambassadors. Click here to view the volunteer job description for this position.

Special Event Planning:

GoslingSpecial event planning members are interested in understanding and working for WRSE’s overall needs. They work as a team to plan events in the community such as: comedy night and the Run/Wild for Wildlife. A Run/Walk Wild for Wildlife is held each Spring and committee members are needed to help for the planning of this event. This is a great way to meet others and make a real difference for the wildlife. Click here to view the volunteer job description for this position.

Wildlife Hotline advisors:

This can be done from the comfort of your home or at the Wildlife Hospital. As well as attending a volunteer orientation, a hotline orientation must be attended before scheduling for hotline shifts and a manual is given to you. It’s a fun way to learn a lot about wildlife by returning the public’s calls regarding wildlife. You direct people to vet clinics or to the shelter with injured wildlife. Click here to view the volunteer job description for this position.

Red Fox kitWildlife Transportation:

Be an ambulance for wildlife! Be on call during the day to pick-up wildlife in need of medical attention that are at veterinary clinics in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Or transport wildlife from the wildlife hospital to the rehabilitation centre or release recovered wildlife at a pre-determined location.  Wildlife is usually in a box and ready for pick-up but training is provided re: safe handling and transport. Click here to view the volunteer job description for this position.

Centre Volunteer

A vital volunteer role that ensures the smooth day-to-day operations of our facilities and provides much needed support to the animal care staff. Centre Volunteers help keep our facilities clean and safe for our patients, staff and fellow volunteers. This role allows you to do a little of everything from preparing daily patient diets to washing dishes and laundry and cleaning out pens and cages to help get them ready for the next wildlife patient.

Click here to view the volunteer job description for this position.

WRSE Board of Directors


WRSE is looking for people with a variety of personal and professional backgrounds who wish to be a part of preserving, protecting, and rehabilitating wildlife. If you are interested in learning more, please review our Board Position Descriptions.

Board president can be reached at: rhonda.skinner@wildlife-edm.ca


* Other opportunities may include construction, general maintenance work, building of birdhouses or feeders, or administrative roles.

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