How can I start volunteering?


In order to start volunteering please read our How to Volunteer“. Then fill in and submit  an application.

*Our next recruitment and training will take place in February 2015.

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

You must be 18 or over to volunteer at WRSE due to liability reasons.   We recognize the importance of educating our youth and provide educational presentations to Grades 3,4, 5 & 6 through our Junior Wildlife Ambassador Program.  Please see “Education” section or contact education@wildlife-edm.ca.

Where is WRSE located?

WRSE has two locations. The Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is located on an acreage west of Edmonton. Please see here for directions. The Wildlife Hospital is located at 12515-128 Street in Edmonton.

*Please note that there is no public transport to our Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

Do I need any vaccinations in order to volunteer?

We ask that all Wildlife Transporation and Facility Cleaning volunteers are vaccinated for Tetanus, this vaccination typically lasts for 10 years and is usually available at medi-centres. Check with your doctor for more details. Volunteers  working with or transporting mammals should be vaccinated for rabies (subject to availability).

Do I need to be a member to volunteer?

No, but it is definitely appreciated!  We’d love for all volunteers to be current members of WRSE. Membership allows you voting rights at our Annual General Meeting.  Special rates apply to volunteers.

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