Oiled Wildlife

Wabamun 2005The Process of Cleaning Oiled Birds

WRSE has been building capacity at our centre since  2005 to effectively rehabilitate  (clean and release) oiled wildlife.  The process of cleaning oiled wildlife begins with early capture and transfer to our wildlife hospital.  There, animals and birds are quickly evaluated and  rehydration and nutritional support is started.   Washing oiled wildlife requires space to handle unknown numbers of impacted wildlife of various species, an unlimited supply of hot water, drying pens and recovery pools as well as dedicated staff & volunteers to constantly monitor the progress of animals and birds.  On this page you will find pictures from the Spruce Grove oiled wildlife cleanup (August 2005) where hundreds of local volunteers helped WRSE and Focus Wildlife rescue and rehabilitate affected wildlife.

Top right : local volunteers washing  a bird covered in Bunker C fuel .    The bird was rinsed until the water ran clear and the bird appeared to be “dry”. The clean bird was then transferred to a drying pen ( next picture.)

The following picture shows six outdoor pools built with loafing platforms so the birds could naturally waterproof themselves by preening their feathers. The last picture is of a flock of Western & Red-necked Grebes which were ready to be reevaluated and banded before their successful release.

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