Nest of Eggs

If you scare a bird off of its nest, leave the area immediately so the bird will feel safe enough to return and continue incubating its eggs.

If you come across a nest of eggs that is unattended, leave them alone and leave the area as quietly and as quickly as possible. It is possible that the mother went out to grab a quick bite to eat and has not returned yet, possibly because you appear to be a predator or a threat.

If you monitor a nest and notice that the eggs have been unattended for days, leave the nest alone. Once the eggs become cold, they are unviable and will not hatch. Leave them there to give another wild animal a lunch.

It is illegal to disturb any migratory bird’s nest, and you need special permission from District Fish and Wildlife Officers to move a nest in any way. If eggs hatch with no mom, the babies will imprint on whatever is moving and feeding them. If baby birds imprint on people they are non-releasable because they will not be able to survive on their own in the wild. Please leave bird eggs and nests alone!

If you have any questions please call our wildlife hotline at (780) 914-4118.

Nest of Eggs

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