Junior Wildlife Supporters

WRSE would like to send out a special thank you to all of our Junior Wildlife Supporters. These outstanding kids have donated their time, talent and/or birthday money to ensure Edmonton’s wildlife will be preserved for future generations! Thank you!

  • Julia Cretney
  • Will Cretney
  • Austin Price*
  • Bella*
  • Bradyn Mensch*
  • Cole Mensch*
  • Connor Rawson*
  • Denver S
  • Elmwood Elementary – “Kids that Care” Bake Sale
  • Heath Mensch*
  • Jasper Bablitz*
  • Kalle Price*
  • Katie Power*
  • Kelsea Rawson*
  • Nicole Mensch*
  • Nolan Power*
  • Parkland Junior Forest Wardens
  • Pearson Bablitz*
  • Rachel Power*
  • Ross Sheppard High School – Project Green
  • Ryan N.*
  • St. Albert Junior Forest Wardens
  • St. Richard’s School – “Happy Feet” Fundraiser
  • Tea Price*
  • Tomiko Johnsons*
  • Willow Z

* All of these amazing Junior Wildlife Supporters asked friends/family to donate items to WRSE instead of recieving birthday presents. Thank you!


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