Grade 4

Injured AnimalsThe Junior Wildlife Ambassador Program is an outreach education program, whereby WRSE staff go into Edmonton and area elementary schools to educate students on the importance of wildlife in our community and empower each student to take action in their own community. Thanks to Capital City Cleanup, this program is offered free of charge to all elementary schools!

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Grade 4 “Litter, Wildlife & My Community”

Since a clean community is a shared responsibility, the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society and Capital City Clean Up have joined forces to deliver the “Litter, Wildlife & My Community” classroom program. Educational and entertaining, this 60-minute presentation directly links to the Waste and Our World unit. It illustrates how litter harms wildlife and helps students identify actions they can take to minimize litter’s impact on wildlife.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Recognize how human activity and the waste we produce affects wildlife
  • Identify types of waste harmful or toxic to wildlife and our ecosystems
  • Identify actions they can take to minimize the impact of waste on wildlife
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