Grade 3

RobinThe Junior Wildlife Ambassador Program is an outreach education program, whereby WRSE staff go into Edmonton and area elementary schools to educate students on the importance of wildlife in our community and empower each student to take action in their own community.

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Grade 3 – “Life Cycles, Wildlife & My Community”

This is a 30-minute presentation providing students with the opportunity to explore and learn about the life cycle of a local songbird. Linked directly to the Animal Life Cycles unit, this program offers a fun and tangible way for students to learn about a full life cycle while developing an awareness and appreciation for backyard nature.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Recognize characteristics of a local songbird
  • Describe the stages of growth and development of a songbird
  • Identify parental care of songbirds and recognize their food and habitat needs
  • Identify how they can preserve habitat and create a clean and safe environment in their own backyard
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