Baby Squirrel(s)

Baby SquirrelsUnlike young hares and fawns, young squirrels are not left alone for long periods of time. If no parent returns to collect a young squirrel within a couple of hours, please call our wildlife hotline at (780) 914-4118 as it may need to be rescued.

If the nest site has been destroyed, due to storms etc., the mother will move them. Red squirrels have multiple nest sites and regularly move their young from nest to nest.

If you have found a squirrel nest in an inconvenient place (i.e. attic), we ask people if possible to wait for the young to leave the nest (at 6-9 weeks of age), at which time any entry points can be blocked off after checking that none are still inside. If you have found one or more young squirrels that are orphaned please do not attempt to feed them, call our wildlife hotline at (780) 914-4118.

We appreciate your care and concern; if you do find a baby squirrel please call our wildlife hotline at (780) 914-4118 for advice before you intervene.

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