Baby Bird(s) of Prey

Swainson's Hawk nestlingsIf a bird of prey chick (hawk, falcon, eagle, owl, and vulture) is found out of the nest please contact our wildlife hotline at (780) 914-4118 and we will arrange for the young to be returned to the nest or fostered to another nest, if necessary.

Young birds of prey often fledge (leave the nest) before they can fly. If you find a fledging, please do not move it but instead monitor the situation from a distance and watch for signs of parental care (i.e. food left for the young). If the fledging is injured or looking poor (feathers fluffed up, no fear response, and lethargic) please contact our wildlife hotline (780) 914-4118.

We appreciate your care and concern. If you do find a young bird of prey, please call our wildlife hotline at (780) 914-4118 for advice before you intervene.

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