Board of Directors

WRSE Board of Directors


Rhonda Skinner
Rhonda IMG 2
Rhonda started volunteering at WRSE in 2007 after bringing an injured Saw-whet owl to the rehabilitation centre. In addition to being board president, she volunteers in animal care and is a squirrel nanny and a wildlife pick-up driver. Rhonda has a degree in Applied Communications and works as a freelance writer and editor. In her spare time she enjoys golfing and taking photos of wildlife in their natural habitat


Kate McKenzie
At a very young age, Kate’s mother taught her to have care and compassion towards all living creatures, profoundly impacting how she interacts with the world. In keeping with this philosophy and wanting to help animals, she began serving the WRSE Board of Directors in 2013, and has been a member of the Animal Care Committee and the Fund Development Committee. She has a graduate degree that combines the fields of psychology and statistics. She is also passionate about meditation, nature, and music.


Christi (Christine) Bubac
Christi is a PhD student at the University of Alberta where she is studying seal ecology. She recently completed an MSc in Integrative Genomics (Black Hills State University, USA) having investigated the population structure of Virginia’s Warbler. Over the last six years, Christi has worked with U.S. federal agencies gaining experience working with wildlife from black-footed ferrets to wolves, and has volunteered at non-profit organizations learning raptor rehabilitation and caring for native and exotic species, including Siberian tigers. She has made it her life-long goal to give wildlife a voice by educating the public with accurate, scientific information.


Elizabeth Disman
Elizabeth Disman joined the board in 2014 and is currently the Vice President of the Board.  Elizabeth is the founder of an HR Consulting company that has been operating in Alberta since 2000.  With a Bachelor of Arts and a Certificate in Human Resources, Elizabeth is constantly motivated to lend her expertise in people and processes to the organization.  Elizabeth has a big heart for animals and providing opportunities for people and animals to live together in harmony.  She has two children who also feel the same and are always asking when they can be squirrel nannies!

Kay McCormackKay & Kittens
Kay McCormack rejoined the WRSE Board in 2016. She has been active on the WRSE periphery for 30 years as a volunteer, staff member and board member. Kay worked in the veterinary field as an Registered Animal Health Technologist and through that became a friend and fan of WRSE. She is currently retired and enjoying her time as a soapstone sculptor, and as a WRSE and art society board member. Kay lives in the country with her family, donkeys, dogs and bird.

Scott WilsonScott Wlson
Scott is a master’s student at the University of Alberta studying the response of songbirds to oil and gas reclamation in the boreal forest of Alberta. He initially became involved with WRSE when he was employed as summer student in 2012 and 2013. Scott joined the board of directors as an associate board member in spring 2015 and hopes to bring his passion for environmental issues and science education to the board

Al Stewart
Al Stewart joined the board in 2016 to participate in the animal                                          thumbnail_Stewart_Al__linkedin2016    welfare, educational, and fundraising activities of the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton. Al is a Chartered Professional Accountant, working in public practice, with a focus on taxation and tax planning for Canadian and international businesses and organizations. Al also enjoys outdoor living activities, such as camping and kayaking, and looking for opportunities for the preservation of wildlife habitat.

Sarah Batchelor 
Sarah Batchelor joined the board in 2015, motivated to lend her experience in animal welfare and fundraising to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton. With a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Alberta and a Certified Associate in Project Management designation, Sarah works in the non-profit sector in a fundraising and event planning capacity. She is an avid proponent for wildlife conservation and animal welfare, and lives in the Edmonton area with her dog, a husky cross, who is often mistaken for a coyote.

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