Graham Currie, Executive Director

Graham Currie

Graham was drawn to WRSE because of the important work that we do — he believes that, as our cities grow, we have an increasing responsibility to the wild animals that are affected by municipal infrastructure and activity. Graham recognizes that as Albertans have a diversity of backgrounds, beliefs and values, so do our supporters. As such he aspires to demonstrate the value of our work and the impact it has for all Albertans.

Graham has had several years of non-profit leadership, executive and management experience. Much of this experience stems from his passion for the arts. Formerly a semi-professional Ukranian dancer, he is the Past-President of the internationally acclaimed, Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Company and their Senior Tour Producer. He is also a director with the Alberta Ukrainian Dance Association (AUDA) and a member of the Professional Arts Coalition of Edmonton’s (PACE) advocacy committee. Outside of the arts, he has previous experience working closely with the Government of Alberta’s Human Services ministry as Program Manager of Prospect Human Services’, Edmonton Assessment Centre.

Some of Graham’s goals are: Exploring and securing sustainable revenue sources, connecting to the various stakeholders affected by our mission, growing our educational program, and improving and expanding the necessary facilities needed to provide proper care for our patients and accessibility to the communities of Northern Alberta.

At home, Graham and his wife Kendra have two cats (Oleg and Daisy), and they love spending time hiking, snowshoeing, and camping in our National and Provincial Parks. He is also a hobby artist, musician, and filmmaker!

Kim Blomme, Director, Wildlife Services

4 GHOW owlet Christopher Bamber photo (must give credit) Banding with Rick Morse and Kim

Photo by Christopher Bamber

Kim is passionate about urban wildlife and can find beauty in the everyday species that call Edmonton home!  She is a Registered Veterinary Technologist with over 30 years’ experience in small animal medicine and is the founder of the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton. She has been involved in almost every aspect of the organization since its beginnings.  Kim is committed to learning and sharing knowledge and working collaboratively to finding solutions.  She loves to read and plays around with a banjo and ukulele in her spare time.

Dale Gienow, Manager of Donor Relations and Rescue Operations

20140627 Dale Gienow

Dale joined the WRSE team in 2017. He has worked with many conservation organizations across Canada and has been involved in wildlife advocacy for over 30 yrs. While in Ontario, Dale established the Muskoka Wildlife Centre. This wildlife rescue and education park housed the province’s largest collection of non-releasable, native wildlife and featured the country’s largest live animal outreach program.  A wildlife recue specialist, he has routinely helped government agencies and rehabilitation centres in the capture, restraint and housing of illegally kept exotic creatures and imperiled wild animals . Dale is proud to contribute his considerable fund raising and rescue expertise to WRSE’s diverse team of dedicated professionals. He also spent years as a professional animal trainer for the motion picture industry, has worked on popular educational television series’, is regularly hired as a scientific advisor for wildlife documentary films and has lectured at many wildlife colleges across the country. Dale loves experimental archaeology and in his spare time enjoys jousting, mounted archery and falconry.

Elizabeth Malta, Animal Care Manager


This is Elizabeth’s 3rd year with WRSE. Caring for animals has been a life-long passion for her. She was a former environmental analyst for the federal government, but gave that up to devote her life helping distressed animals. Before joining the WRSE, she worked for several years at a range of wildlife rehabilitation centres overseas, giving her valuable insight into managing the care of wild animals. She has been tirelessly working on expanding our animal housing and improving habitat enrichment for WRSE’s patients. This will lead to better quality of care and a higher rate of release. She is also focuing on streamlining the operations at the Rehabilitation Centre. This includes developing a better Internship program, which will help us cope with our tremendously busy summer season. One of Elizabeth’s favorite parts of her job is problem-solving a difficult case and devising methods to encourage a stressed patient to eat on their own. She works full time at the Spruce Grove facility.

Kristen King, Senior Wildlife Rehabilitator

_MG_8302 small

Kristen started with WRSE as a volunteer in 2009 and interned during the summer of 2013. She then worked as a wildlife technician starting in November 2015, and became Senior Wildlife Rehabilitator in April 2016. Kristen graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science with specialization in Animal Biology with honours in 2011. She completed the last part of her degree at the Bamfield Marine Science Centre on Vancouver Island. In 2015, she also completed the Animal Health Technology program with honours from NAIT. As Senior Wildlife Rehabilitator, Kristen’s duties include animal care, intake exams, training volunteers and interns, radiology and so forth. She feels very fortunate to be able to work doing something she loves. In her free time she loves to travel and so far has visited 9 countries including Thailand, Japan, Vietnam and Cambodia. She also enjoys gardening and is a huge dog lover and enjoys going for nature walks with her dog Bear.

Carly Stenhouse, Educational Programming Manager and Wildlife Technician

carly and goshawk

Carly began her journey with WRSE in the spring of 2013 as an Animal Care Intern, then was hired on as Education Coordinator at the end of that summer. She holds a bilingual bachelor’s degree in Environmental and Conservation Sciences with a major in Conservation Biology from the University of Alberta. She develops and delivers wildlife education programs, manages WRSE’s social media, fields calls and educates through the Wildlife Hotline, and is also a wildlife technician. Carly enjoys spreading appreciation and respect for wildlife, and using education to minimize negative human-wildlife interactions. Her love of wildlife finds its way into all aspects of her life, from her social interactions (texts from friends asking “What animal is this?”), to her hobbies (making a 10 minute walk last 1 hour due to frequent bird-spotting stops), and into her travels (volunteering on a Game Reserve in South Africa).

Kasia Brytan, Volunteer & Events Coordinator

Kasia began working at WRSE in the summer of 2016, right in the middle of busy season! She started as our Office Coordinator before transitioning into the role of Volunteer & Events Coordinator. While her love for animals, both wild and domestic, and the Earth beneath our feet are what connects her to WRSE, her love for people stems from her background in the arts! Kasia holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama, specialising in Technical Theatre – Stage Mangement from the University of Alberta, and is also a working Stage Manager across Alberta. On top of this, she is a semi-professional Ukrainian dancer with the Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Company, and was recently crowned Miss Petite Northwest Alberta 2016 from the Miss Canada Globe National Beauty Pageant in Toronto. In the summer months, Kasia enjoys camping, hiking, stargazing, and all the festivals that Edmonton has to offer. In the winter, she loves Moksha hot yoga, cooking, baking, and creating costumes. Kasia is excited to be a part of the WRSE team and to continue learning, everyday, about all the beautiful wildlife WRSE is proud to care for.

Jade Murphy, Office Administrator/Instructor 


Jade started working with WRSE in May 2016 as the Wildlife Hotline and Intake Co-ordinator. She spent the summer answering calls from members of the public, arranging rescues, in-taking new wildlife patients, and raising baby birds that required constant attention. At the end of the summer, Jade was offered a permanent position with WRSE. Now, she is the Office Administrator and an Instructor. Jade handles a variety of different administrative duties while also sneaking into the back to assist with the wildlife patients.  She enjoys talking to students about the importance of wildlife in their communities and how they can best live along side their wild neighbours. Jade has always been passionate about nature and wildlife and has been working towards making her own positive impact. She graduated from the NAIT Biological Sciences Technology program in April 2016 and is a member of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) conservation committee.

Megan Biglow

Megan Biglow

Megan began interning at WRSE in April 2015 and has continued working there ever since. Before joining the team, she was a wildlife field biologist for several years working up north on various projects. She felt a lack of connectedness with directly helping animals and this inspired her to fulfill her dreams in wildlife rehabilitation. At the age of 6, Megan saved a baby bird that fell from its nest and decided then, that she would spend her life working with animals. Using her degree (Bachelor of Science with Specialization in Animal Biology) field experience, and compassion, Megan is able to bring forth knowledge of animals in their natural habitat to provide better enrichment in a rehab setting. Some of her favorite hobbies include photographing wildlife, hiking in the Rockies, scuba diving and going for walks with her husband and pug!

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