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Kim BlommeThe Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton (WRSE) is committed to proper environmental stewardship and recognizes the important role we play in conserving Alberta’s native species through the services and programs we provide to the community.

WRSE is a charitable organization that provides compassionate care for injured, contaminated and orphaned wildlife and educates the public on the importance of wildlife in our community. WRSE has been serving  the Edmonton and surrounding communities for over 25 years and is considered an essential service.  We work hard to provide the best care and housing possible for a wide variety of native and migratory birds and native small mammals and are permitted through the Canadian Wildlife Service and Alberta Environment Sustainable Resources Development.

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The Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton’s mission is to provide compassionate care for injured and orphaned wildlife and to educate the public on the importance of wildlife in the community.



Preserving and protecting wildlife populations.

Our Hospital & Rehabilitation Centre

Our wildlife hospital is equipped with a treatment room; on-site radiology and on-site surgery and short-term housing.  Our goal is to be able to provide immediate treatment and arrange surgery if required through our network of volunteer veterinarians with transfer to the rehabilitation centre when the patient is stable.  The Rehabilitation Centre provides the facilities for longer term rehabilitation (confined housing, flight pens, and pools) to take our patients through the recovery process until release.  The hospital and rehabilitation centre are open 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

WRSE is a member of the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association and the International Wildlife Council  is a founding member of the Alberta Wildlife Rehabilitators Association.  We adhere to the Wildlife Rehabilitators Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.


Since 1989, WRSE has helped over 19,000 birds and small mammals receive proper medical treatment with the ultimate goal of returning these wild animals to their natural habitat.

Facts and Figures:

  • Over 2500 wildlife patients are treated at WRSE annually
  • In 2016, WRSE treated 130 different species
  • WRSE annually fields over 7000 wildlife related calls a year
  • WRSE relies heavily on over 70 active volunteers, including post-secondary students, to help run a majority of our programs
  • WRSE educated over 4000 students in 2016.
  • WRSE has partnerships with over 65 organizations and vet clinics around the city of Edmonton and in Northern Alberta, many of which accept wildlife for us and/or partner on programs
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