If you are concerned about injured or
orphaned wildlife, please call our
wildlife hotline at 780-914-4118.

Your call is very important to us. When you call, you may have to leave a voicemail message. Please be patient as we deal with the animals currently in our care. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
Wildlife FAQs: Please seek advice by clicking here.

Hours and Location can be found on our “Contact” Page.

Canada Goose Informative Poster: Canada Goose PSA
Baby White-tailed Prairie Hare Informative Poster: Baby Hare PSA

Donate To Our Broken Wings Healing

Hands Campaign: 

Click the link below to  support the campaign and read the story of the efforts made by WRSE and Sargent Derek Radatzke to save a wild goose that was struck by an arrow: 


Please assist us in caring for wildlife injured or orphaned in our urban area and surrounding area. We released over 840 wild animals last year!

The number of wildlife intakes has increased by 20% again in 2015. We have increased in the number of injured wildlife coming into care, for the past 3 years. Your support is crucial in caring for injured or orphaned wildlife. We also provide a Hotline which over 5000 people call yearly. WRSE provides education for students and the public, trains hundreds of volunteers and students and provides an essential service for the City of Edmonton and surrounding area.

Your donation or in kind donation makes caring for wildlife possible.


Your donations matter, and if you have donated, thank you! If you have not had the chance yet, please make an online gift now.

To mail in your donation Download WRSE Donation Form here.

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